Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Monday: Oberhofer and Bloc Party

This week Music Monday is brought to you by my dear friend Anne, who showed me this song on Saturday night, in between movies and Boysincider. Oberhofer was quite a hard name to remember, especially after a late night during which various alcohols were consumed, but after a few tries I managed to find them on Spotify! I very much enjoyed their album, Time Capsules II...

... and not just because of the nature of the artwork. (COLLAGE! I think I might be developing an addiction. I'm envisioning my own death as I write this, crushed beneath the crumbling towers of National Geographic magazines).

The lead single, Away Frm U, is an infectiously catchy song with a healthy dose of toy piano, even if the title is very badly spelt (I know I know, it's probably got something to do with irony, but text language in song titles always makes me cringe).

 Thanks Anne for that juicy musical morsel!

I also want to post this album trailer for Bloc Party's forthcoming album 'Four'. Freakin' yay! I know this has been out for a couple of months, but I'm getting pretty excited because a couple of days ago, I bought Lovely and I tickets to see them play in Manchester for the Warehouse Project. Freakin' freakin' yay!!!

All these tidbits sounds very promising; they seem to have edged away from the electronica (not that I didn't like Intimacy, I really liked it, but it seems as though Kele got all of that out of his system in The Boxer and The Hunter EP) and returned to the guitar driven style that makes Silent Alarm such a good album. Oh man. I'm getting so excited just thinking about it.

The album comes out the day AFTER we see them in Manchester, which I thought was bad luck at first, but now that I think about it as I write this, it will be really cool to have all these brilliant memories drawn out, memories of hearing the songs live during my first listen.


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