Monday, July 23, 2012

Music Monday: Jonathan Boulet

I know I say this about pretty much all the music I post on here, but the new Jonathan Boulet album,  is SO GOOD! Seriously. So good. Everything about it is big; the sound, the energy, even the amount of instruments used, but it isn't so crowded that you feel overwhelmed, (like Explosions in the Sky, who I love, but I have to be in a specific mood for) or too drawn out and over the top (Muse anyone?). I could listen to this for hours, and it’s definitely the kind of album I'll be using to excited about, well, anything!

It was so hard to choose a song, so I went with 'This Song Is Called Ragged' because I also really liked the film clip; it's creepy and weird and very visually stimulating, in a dripping, exploding and slow motion kind of way (Minds out of the gutter please. Thankyou!) But you should also check out 'Hallowed Hag', 'Piao Voca Slung', and the charmingly titled 'Keep Away You Feral Son of a Bitch'. In fact, just listen to the whole album, because there really isn't a weak song on it.

Also, this is probably my favourite album title of the year so far: We Keep the Beat, Found the Sound, See the Need, Start the Heart. Urgh. Some people have all the talent.

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