Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hear No Trouble, Speak No Love

"I speak because I can
to anyone I trust enough to listen.
You speak because you can
To anyone who'll hear what you say.
I swear it was not my choice
I used to be so kind."

Laura Marling - I Speak Because I can <3

I love her because when I listen to her I feel like she's singing to me and only me. How pretentious is that? :P
Anyone, and I mean anyone, ficticious or no, who can make me feel this certain kind of love will always turn my attentions around to face them, and I will try to love them back. Sometimes I can. Most of the time it just gets me into trouble.

I used to be so kind.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Colouring Threads

There is love lurking beneath this timid surface
This spangled heart throbs with confinement
It pounds against ribcage walls
Against the beat of my drum
She’s spent too long locked up as the good Samaritan
It’s time for her to be set
wild and free
To trust the good intentions of spontaneity
And the bounty of chance
Running like an animal
Across the painted landscape of potential
She bounds over barriers of trouble
And regret is but a trifle of nonexistent marks
Forgotten bruises that taught her lessons
To be stronger

People are like threads in the fabric of the universe
The fabric of our lives
Runs off the spool like an evolving tapestry
If there is but one single string existing
Then we are cold and monochromatic
– weave them together and you find
comfort in colours
Some are pulled apart
Others woven together, haphazardly crossing
Darting from the pattern
Trying to find their place in the weave
This seems not to mean anything
But means everything
To me

All these threads that were,
or are still wound with mine
Have shaped the outfit that I wear today
So proudly
They have changed the timing of my heartbeat
And thrust upon me the weight of choice
It is heavy
But not a burden
It is a gift
And one that I have no license
To forget

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Cider and Tequila Files


I fell. It was deeper than I thought it could be but I still did it even though my mother reached in and grabbed me by the throat and told me not to. The heart bleeds long into the night and runs rivulets with a pain I cannot name a love I cannot place but can feel within my hips flesh bones and whole skeleton betrothed to the ones who pull my soul down deep into the river Styx there is a blister on my shoulder where your lips once laid to rest and burnt my skin and I wish to get that feeling again. If you do not choose to feel you do not deserve the love served on a silver platter; you must hunt for it, and devour it whole.

My eyes burn because I cannot direct them away from you. It’s not fair, I tell you, it’s not fair. But the universe doesn’t believe a single thought or word of mine. It laughs while it throws me around, it hurts and burns and trips me over; mortality is an evil drug because it makes you impatient. There’s always an obstacle lying in front of my path to happiness; usually it is insecurity, fear, lack of trust, dust and damage, frustration, lack of patience. Now it is time; the hands of the clock reach in and pierce between my ribs and it hurts it hurts it hurts.

Bear it. Take it. Bear it, take it with time. I’ll be fine. Just bear it with time.

Nothing is ever as simple as words on a page.

Monday, April 5, 2010

DIY Zooey Deschanel

If in this lifetime I could become half as cool as Zooey Deshanel, I would be a very, very happy and accomplished woman.

Sadly this is beyond the realms of both science and the limits of my personality, but I can still try. How, you ask?

1. Wear lots of sixties inspired clothes in blues and creams, including full skirts, cardigans, and floral patterns, grow my hair out and cut my fringe

2. Learn how to sing and dance like this

3. Be unbelievably cute and quirky and instantly lovable

Hmmm....this may be harder than I thought
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