Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Oh how I wish I was alive in the sixties. It was about the music back then. It wasnt about selling the most singles, being hottest, the most provocative or having the most perfectly shaped ass, or about the videos or the endorsments or the advertising. It wasn't even really about what you looked like. It was about what you wrote, and what you sounded like.
Music got some people acting on issues they only ever thought about, and most people thinking about the things their parents never told them about. But I think now its been shelved in behind excessive amounts of autotune, latex bodysuits and a borderline grotesque peversion of sexuality that leaves nothing to the imagination. Which I'm ok with because, lets face it, that's what sells in this era, but it makes me sad. It makes me sad because, well, it's not really about the music anymore, is it?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


"Picture yourself in a boat on a river,
With tangerine trees and marmalade skies.
Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly,
A girl with kaleidoscope eyes."

Is this not the most beautiful image you've ever seen?

See for full collection <3

Monday, June 21, 2010

Snow Nymphs

So Ruby, Me, and our friends Emmah and Steph went to Warburton for the long weekend for some much needed recharging, inspiration, shopping and fun :) It was soooo cold, but nothing sleeping bags, irish cream coffee and our other dear friend mary jane couldn't fix. There was even snow up in the mountains! And so of course Ruby dear took her camera and we had a bit of a frolick. Which was awesome (until I stepped in a hole (picture 4) and got snow in my boots brrrrr)

For more, follow the portal to Ruby Fae Photography

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thomas Hardy The Heartbreaker

He was still in that period in the history of a love when alone it can be said to be unalloyed with pain. It is not what is in this life, but by what appears that you are judged.

Part of his wish to wash his hands of life arose from his perception of its contrarious inconsistencies – of Nature’s jaunty readiness to support unorthodox social principles.

Thomas Hardy (my abusive literary relationship)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mixtapes for Inspiration

Visual Mixtape

Audio Mixtape:

She and Him


Laura Marling

Joni Mitchell

Audiovisual Mixtape:
- An Education
- Whip It
- The Phantom of the Opera
- A Film with Me in It (whatever you think this movie will be like, I guaruntee you'll be surprised)
- Amelie (I cannot surpass this movie, it will remain forever in my heart)

Literary Mixtape:
- The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux
- The Mayor of Casterbridge - Thomas Hardy (stick with it, it takes a while to gain momentum)
- Necklace of Kisses - Francesca Lia Block
- High Fidelity - Nick Hornby

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little Melbourne 2#: Ode to my Home City

I will always be a Melbourne expat
Soaked in wine
Nerves stripped by coffee
Bones like ice and skin warmed
By leaking sunlight
dappled cities, traffic hustle me
for change
They bustle as the leaves rustle, while I meander
Like a ghost
Slipping like smoke
Through cracks in the crowd

Little Melbourne child
I am,
Revelling in cold nights and warm
Alcohol and music, lights
To dance
with strangers, and hold beauty in
their hands and mine
We absorb our surroundings
Like the café paper napkins
And club walls
With a sensory overload, a creative spark
Fired like fireflies behind my eyes
These new feelings grow
They ooze like tubes of bold new paint
On fresh brick walls
On blank canvas hearts

The coffee machine
It plays like drums in my head
I cannot think straight
when my nerves are stripped
Paranoia by substance, released on the public
In the hands of children, even –
enchanted by clouds of milk
When I cannot pay my phone bill
Or my landlord’s wife
I can always find a way to fill my cup

You could lock my heart in a glass box
An adornment dressed in silver and gold
For your collection
An amusement, in you museum
But my heart is hostile in a hostel
Not a home
So we skipped to the seaside
And I lost my lover on the shore
Of self obsession, excentricism
And culture
Falling through the looking glass
I let go of his hand
Yet, without the city to sustain us
We had nothing much to talk of
And were lost
I used to languish in getting lost
To see where it might lead me
Now I languish in lost love
Because he left me, all alone,
In Little Melbourne

My Favourite Music Videos of the Month

70 Million by Hold Your Horses. Art History like you've never seen it before.

About the Future by Yves Klein Blue. ohhhhhh my, Michael.
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