Friday, July 27, 2012

Cathy McMurray Art

As you might have noticed, I've been going on a bit of an art trip lately. This time I've chosen painting over collages, though these are far from traditional. I want to be wherever it is that Cathy McMurray takes inspiration for her paintings. No scratch that, I want to be in her paintings! They're so vibrant and colourful, filled with mountains and trees and complimentary geometric shapes. Although the themes in her paintings are very similar throughout (I have no problem with this, because it's nature, and they're gorgeous!), she does experiment with what she paints on; from stones to cedar wood, the natural elements are carried through from the "canvas" to what's painted on it beautifully. Want!
If you like these, check her out her Etsy store, or if you have some serious money to burn, you can buy some of her originals at Buy Some Damn Art
Before I go, I just want to quickly remind you that Poetry Mixtape is launching Wednesday! Huuzah! You can see the first issue here, and check out the cover on my Pinterest!

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