Monday, July 9, 2012

Tunesday! Imagine Dragons

Welcome to Tunesday, also known as what happens when I miss Music Monday. I'm counting on the pun title making up for my slackness. I will tell you that the reason I missed my blogging appointment was because Lovely and I went to the half price Monday session at the Nova Carlton to see Cabin in the Woods, and it was AMAZING! Not since Scream have I ever been quite so taken with a horror movie, and even then this definitely surpasses that in terms of wit and effect. I won't give away anything, because the best way to feel the full impact of this movie is to go into it with a little expection or understanding of the movie concept as possible. But I will say that I'm so glad the movie industry is letting Joss Whedon do what he does best, which is make crazy clever and wildly entertaining cinema.

Anyhoo, back to the music.
This week I'm featuring a band that I discovered this morning, called Imagine Dragons. I was originally going to put up their song, 'It's Time', but on listening to the whole E.P. Continued Silence, I decided that I liked 'Radioactive' better; for me it has the most spark, and is the most unique of all the songs. You should listen to the whole E.P though, each song has a very clear message and the harmonies are great!

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