Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Annual Summer List of things i mean to do but probably never will....

-Drive to the beach on a really hot night, go night swimming, and then sleep there
- Go out dancing all night, then end up at the beach to go night swimming, watch the sunrise, and sleep there
- Make a mixTAPE (not CD) of all my favourite driving songs
- Learn how to drive (mainly so I can play the afore mentioned mixed tape, and stop being a serial lift moocher)
- Drink long island ice teas and tell people what animal their spirit form takes. My spirit animal is a deer.
- Kiss lots of boys (or find one in particular that I can kiss lots)
- Make home made ice-cream, cupcakes, scones, cookies, cider and vodka frog-in-a-pond…mmmmm
- Grow my hair out, or cut it shorter.
- Purge myself of my facebook addiction
- Read all the books I haven’t read thanks to facebook/ studying/ general procrastination
- See “Where the Wild Things Are”, make a wolf pyjama suit and reminisce about my childhood. - Have many tea parties, picnics, beach parties, Christmas parties, end of uni parties, graduation parties and just because I need an excuse to get drunk parties
- Go on numerous opp shopping trips ranging from Studfield to Retrostar.
- Buy more shoes, and donate my old ones
- Go on a long roadtrip to an unknown place with afore mentioned mixtape
- Dance around in my underwear to Vampire Weekend because it seems like the most logical thing to do at the time.
- Go knicknocking with Hannah and Jacqui
- Have a ‘Cajun Dance Party’ Party.
- Boycott pants, especially jeggings…eewwww - Return to Heritage Springs for a pizza.
- Go to LOTS more gigs and buy more CD’s
- Get a job at JB HI FI or Borders so I can afford all afore mentioned tasks.
- Dress up like a Native American and learn how to paint with all the colours of the wind.
- Swear less and love more, but still not eat vegetables

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photo Envy

Nirrimi Hakanson is my favourite photographer at the moment. Her work is inspiring and encapsulates everything that is good and bad about being young.
Check it out

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cat Woman

Am quite the happy bee today, for reasons which you could but will not know, because i will be breaking the first rule, which is to never give yourself away. But i will tell you this, i feel like im about to explode, but in a good supernova-y type way.
I also noticed something today while on the tram home from uni; people are too afraid of people. Now, i will admit, i am quite afraid of people, but not in the way that i am afraid they will do something to me or hurt me, rather afraid in the way that i may do something to hurt their feelings or embarrass myself. So when a stranger tries to talk to me, my demeanour resembles that of a wild deer or cat; responsive, but wary and poised to spring away at any time. I wish i was more confident, it would be so nice to be so sure of myself. But i guess thats just not me.

Anyways end small rant. At least i know i am going in the right direction (now)
Oh, and I've added two new tasks to my infinate "before i get too old" to do list.
- Follow a band/musician/festival (probably tori amos :P) around the world
- Go to L.A to see Francesca Lia Block, and see the Metroplitan Museum of Art in New York - i never really had an interest in America until her. Oh and Scarlets Walk.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sarah Blasko meets the dawn chorus

So last friday i had possibly one of THE BEST nights of my life. Mainly because of a lovely lady called Sarah Blasko!
The concert was simply UH-mazing. Words can not describe how incredible this woman is, she is a true performing artist. So instead of lamely trying to describe it , i shall have some show and tell with pictures.

Check out the dress! It had compartments and everything! love it love it love it! when i become an eccentric author i will have many many crazy dresses like her. I am an obscure fashion fetishist!! Oh and i will say this; she has the power to make me believe in xanadu!! only a true musical goddess could do such a thing!

Also went to a 21st, whih was also pretty damn good fun in which many drinks were had, including the treasured and deadly tequila shot, beer, beer and more beer, champagne, and then some more beer. Safe to say it didnt end well some members of our own party (which was secretly highly entertaining for myself!), but yes i was greeted with the sun and the dawn chorus and i walked through my door :) fun tiiiiiimes!!! Socially, life is pretty damn good!
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