Sunday, September 27, 2009

Return to Pigeon Cove

So im back home in Melbourne now, and although i miss the sun and sand and the people in Qld, i am very glad to be home. My spirit has been cleansed with sea water and sunshine, pimms and Corona and Lime, Op shopping, family, rainforets, and houses on stilts, and am now ready to throw myself back into the social and music scene that makes Melbourne so great :)

Gigs Coming Up:

Sarah Blasko: I love her style. She's so quirky and old-fashioned and her voice is like nothing I have heard ever or since. When ever I'm sad or lonely i put one of her records and there is always a song to reflect my emotions perfectly, but instead of feeling even more depressed, i feel like her music is hugging me. It sounds silly, but its true. I can't wait to see her for the second time :)
Tori Amos:
My obsession with Tori goes way back to 2004, when i heard "Cornflake Girl" for the very first time. I never looked back. She is probably the musician that has influenced my life the most; she is a living embodiment of how the off-beat and eccentric can shine in a world where theephemeral, superficial and generic spring up everywhere like weeds; she is an exotic bird. It gives me hope. In short, i love her, and will always love her, which is why I'm going to both her Melbourne concerts. This will be the highlight of my 2009.

Falls Festival: Marion Bay
This is going to be a blaaaast! Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Lisa Mitchell and Yves Klein Blue are the ones I'm most excited about, but the whole three days are going to be epic!!! Bring on the drunken dance party festival shennanigans!!
Listening: "Colourful Life" Cajun Dance Party, "Ragged and Ecstatic" Yves Klein Blue, "Boys for Pele" Tori Amos
Watching: Jane Eyre, 2006 BBC production. I love this version so much, the story, the actors and the score <3>
Reading: "Cannery Row" by John Steinbeck. A Penguin Classic i picked up to amuse myself at the airport.
Wearing: Black Skinnys, Laura Marling Band Tshirt, Green nailpolish and my bows :)
Wanting: A Mr Rochester to come sweep me off my feet. More Lemongrass and Ginger Tea. Peace.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pics of L.A's Cousin Kirra

Some more pics i took of Kirra Beach; Kirra has become a person now. Now shes more like L.A's Australian cousin, but Surfers is still the boyfriend.
Man, I'm one crazy chick.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Style Crush: Cassie

having a major style crush on Cassie right now. She is uh-mazing!! I wish i could be more like her, but although i am small, i am not blonde and i don't say "wow" alot. I can see why Sid loves her so much, even if she goes a bit psycho in the second season. But i figue it was because she was heartbroken, and all of us who have been there can understand that.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seaside: Snaps of L.A's Boyfriend

Some pictures of L.A's Surfer Boyfriend

"You want to go to the seaside? I'm trying to say that everbody wants to go
I fell in love at the seaside, she handled my charm with time and slight of hand.
But I'm just trying to love you, any kind of way
But I'm finding it hard to love you when your far away"

Warmth runs through my viens like liquid golden sunshine, and i can always taste salt on my tongue and feel it on my skin so it stretchs tight over my bird bones. Out here i can feel my ribcage and i can taste my skin.
I spent some time getting reaquainted with my Great Aunt Shirley today; i really hope i end up like her when I'm an old lady, shes such a lovely spirit to be around. She has this great curly red hair that sits so perfectly it looks like fairy floss, blue eye shadow and perfect lipstick and manicured nails, a wicked sense of humour and wit and sass to boot. She reminds me a lot of Fifi from "Baby Be-Bop", she is totally would have been super sassy slinkster cool hipster in the 50's, driving a pink Pontiac convertible, wearing big sunglasses and drinking milkshakes in diners. One day I'm going to get her to tell me her story, its definatly one that i have to add to my collection.

Peace, Sunshine and Salt.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cruel Summer: Francesca Lia Block

cruel summer
francesca lia block
i have everything i wanted and it’s not enough
my baby coughs each night
it’s always hot i sweat
you lie awake
in your air-cooled apartment
while i guzzle sleep
like a fiend
in my big hot bed
still listening for children’s cries
gamine-faced jean seberg watches from your screen..
her baby was buried
in a coffin made of glass
i dream of men with crazy grins
wake and need to scrape
my mouth all clean with salt
today my baby boy went to a friend’s
there was a gun somewhere in the house
locked away but still
he’s never going there again
i always liked august best
got pregnant then three times i think
felt softest in my skin
now i take birth control
pills but there's no need
.. ..
the horror movies stack up on the dresser
unwatched and i fumble with myself
like a stranger
a one-night stand
or an insomniac
in a coffin made of glass

She is my muse

Velma for President

Today i went to Movie World aka Hollywood on the Goldcoast - ive never been to Hollywood, just read lots about it in Francesca Lia Blocks books (I'm going on a bit of an FLB trip at the moment cos here is the closest i can get to there. I can imagine that it would be a lot like this, except a bit more neon, tacky, blonde and exotic. The Gold Coast could be L.A's laidback Australian surfer boyfriend, woth bleach blonde hair, a peeling tan and a surfboard hanging out his VW van window as he blasts The Beach Boys.

I also discovered today that one of my many dream jobs, apart from being Conor Obersts groupie, would be a member of the Mystery Inc. Team. I could totally be a mystery solving teenager in the sixties! Scooby Doo is the bomb diggity <3>

More Pics of the holiday will be up soon.
Peace and Love Dudes!

Monday, September 14, 2009

If i had the money

If I had the money i think it would be funny-uh uh oh buy these clothes. But all my money goes towards rent :( and gigs :)

Oooooh maaaaaaan i want these stockings so so so so bad! Even the shoes are gorgeous but the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiights! If anyone wants to buy a present ever, birthday xmas whatever, find these tights for me! I will love you forever.

I love the bodice of this dress. Would possibly wear with my new green hummingbird tights *hint hint* :)

Pretty red slip dress :) One of the few reds that would actually look ok with my red hair -_-

Loooooove this dress/red lipstick/lace glove combo. So alternative glam :)

Love the shoe stocking combo and the coat and shirt is very cute. Man i need more moneies

I want to dance around in these outfits listening to vampire weekend, manchester orchestra and yves klein blue. for now ill just have to do it naked.....

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