Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Word Wednesday

I'm on my way from work to a friends for pizza and a Lord of the Rings Two Towers marathon (we're watching the extended edition so I would classify the who movie as a marathon!), but I didn't want to miss another Word Wednesday! So I'm gonna try something new, and write a poem on this train, right now, unedited! I don't know how good it's going to be, but I'm kind of excited to see!
Ok, here goes!

Honey don't

I want to say that
It's too late
But time is broken
In two, three, four
Cracked like the sky
Open, and it all poured
Out and I now I can't
Find which parts of our life
Go where

I want to take the colours
Of the sky,
Bruise purple hot pink burnt orange
Into my veins
And taste them like flowers
That grow out of the fertile humidity
And if it's raining
A sunset is just wet pollen
From crushed flowers smeared
Across the skyline

Your love tastes like this
To me sometimes
If I bite my tongue

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