Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Word Wednesday - Spaces

Word Wednesday! Here's another poem I wrote yesterday afternoon.  Are you guys doing anything for world poetry month?


Warm fingers on cold spines
Of books
Of human bones
Contorting - strange shapes
Reminding me of the origami cranes
We tried to send down the river
Before their wings absorbed the water
Paper bodies torn like wet silk
They sank
To their graves of river stones
And cherry blossoms

I cried
All afternoon
I was only a child

I think of this when autumn comes
When I feel your warm hands reaching from
to envelope my pale frame
Vulnerable as a single pink petal
Limp as damp paper

I think of space
(Instead of that other thing)
And spaces
The stretch from nebula to constallation
The reach from star to star
The distances travelled by man
That span countries, oceans, planets
And then
The air between my parted lips
Pockets that separate my bones
The gap between my left thigh
and my right thigh – a canyon almost
Your hand and my pelvis

It almost becomes easier
If I just keep thinking 
about stars
Knowing that they will carry on
shining so brightly after death  
keeps me safe

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