Monday, April 2, 2012

Music Monday: Alcoholic Faith Mission

And once again we roll around to another Music Monday! Welcome!

I was lucky enough to have the following song, Running with Insanity by Danish sextet Alchohlic Faith Mission, paired with one of my stories for Issue 47 of Storychord! Storychord is this great online publication run by Sarah Lynn Knowles, combining one story, one song and one piece of art or photography to publish together. Each issue is launched fortnightly, and this last fortnight has featured my story, Her Name Was A ! I really love this concept, and feel very lucky to have my work not only included, and placed alongside such beautiful music and artwork. Click here if you would like to check it out!

The story told by this clip is a lot different to my own, but I feel the atmosphere of this song compliments my piece very well.

I also had to share this video for another of their songs, Legacy, because it is just so quirky and clever and sweet, and I choose to believe that those are all just prop mice.

I'm going to have to head down to JB and see if I can hunt out some EPs from these guys! I hope you enjoy their tunes as much as I do!

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