Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Word Wednesday - A Long Dress

Word Wednesday! I stumbled across this just now, and seeing it is the last Word Wednesday of World Poetry Month, I thought it extremely fitting. I love the imagery of this piece, when I read it I envision long skirts in dusty corridors with high ceilings, disapearing around corners.  

A Long Dress 
Gertrude Stein 

That is the current that makes machinery,
that makes it crackle,
what is the current that presents a long line and a necessary waist.
What is this current.
What is the wind, what is it.

Where is the serene length,
it is there and a dark place is not a dark place,
only a white and red are black, only a yellow and green are blue,
a pink is scarlet, a bow is every color. A line distinguishes it.
A line just distinguishes it.

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