Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Savage Adventure

On Friday Ruby and I had a great adventure, worthy of many a short story, no, a novel even, possibly written by Neil Gaiman or Francesca Lia Block if either of them were into Savage Garden.
It began on a normal Friday morning after some public transport related frustration for Ruby (which unfortunatly is very common in ye old Melbourne town) and some sleep deprivation for me, when we decided to take off in Ruby's little blue car for some roaming around the far eastern suburbs with her camera and a second hand dress. Like most great adventurers, we had no plans in particular, but after some frolicking in the fields down behind an old decaying railway bridge, we somehow ended up at th fine establishments that are the Lilydale Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul Op Shops (affectionatly termed the Salvo's and Vinnies. Australian's abbreviate EVERYTHING!) We did not expect much, yet what we found would change the course of our afternoon. Hidden amongst the old discarded classical music tapes and a questionable cassingle by Peter Andre (ew), we found a copy of 'Affirmation', by Savage Garden. Words cannot describe our excitement, but it can be likened to either winning the lottery, or finding a large diamond amongst a pile of rocks (or some steaming turds if we're counting Peter Andre). After purchasing a couple of second hand garments from the lovely saleswoman, we spent the rest of the afternoon driving around reminiscing about how much we really loved all of the songs on this tape, for their simple, unashamedly pop-ness and the nostalgia that came with it. There was no talk of tits or ass, bling or cars, no boasting of sexual prowess or inclination towards bondage and fetishes, just good old fashioned emotional angst and boy meets girl pop (or as we would later learn boy meets boy).

Here is a taste of the beautiful photos Ruby took, click here to see the full set. You may notice it features the lovely dress I bought from Mockingbird Vintage :) I've already worn it twice and I love it to patchwork pieces!

Note: This is not on the Affrimation album (just in case you are wondering, which I'm sure you are) this is off their first self titled album which was released in 1997 (thankyou wikipedia). Oh how I miss the ninties sometimes. But anyways, this will always be my favourite Savage Garden song. If anyone owns a cassette tape or cd of this album, I will pay you extremely good money for it :)

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  1. exceptional fun of nothing in particular. oh what a beautiful day :) we must do it again!! (ps i am wearing my op shop jumper today at uni :) woohoo!)


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