Saturday, April 30, 2011

Take Comfort in a Sad Sad Song


There are feelings here
they sit deep in the stomach pit
rotting like fruit
six weeks old – fermenting
until I am drunk
with anger

The Encyclopedias were the first to go
invisible- not until removed
did I notice any absence
of spines or clothes
I suppose that’s why you’re leaving
because I only expressed my deepest emotions
in your absence

I used to read those books
Notice the gaps in our knowledge
too many, too wide to fill
with flesh, with love
that stemmed from something less tangible
more mysterious
than common interest conversation
it was glorious at first, I’m sure
Like a meteor shower, a great work of fiction
I wish you had left those books, for a day or two
So I could burn them

Give a thought, would you,
To those things you took, those that
you cannot see
youth, beauty, faith even
more than words to push pins into
to fill an index
and memories
they stick like pins in my eyes
they make me cry

There were feelings here
Strong, clear, uncalculated feelings
and all of them for you
But notice, how quickly feelings can change
When you become better educated
on the nature of a man

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