Monday, April 25, 2011

Mockingbird Fair and Dream Vintage

So I have kicked this handmade/recycled challenge off a little early with a couple of purchases that were unintentional, but I am sure I will not regret :)

The first is this gorgeous pair of coral clip on earrings from Dream Vintage, a seller that I have been following on facebook and now etsy for some time now. She has a great collection of great quality one off pieces ranging from floral shirts to denim cuttoff shorts to vintage jewellery!

Click here for her etsy, and search Dream Vintage for her facebook page :)

I also bought this beautiful vintage white dress from Mockingbird Fair, another vintage reseller I found on Facebook (see, its not just for tagging your friends in bad photos and stalking people you really don't like all that much).

Its so cuuute, I couldn't resist, and if you join their facebook page before the end of the long weekend (tomorrow), you will recieve a discount code for 40% off all items on their website. It's a win win really :) They list good quality vintage dresses, knits, bags, accessories, and all kinds of lovely new and pre loved items on their own website,, at very reasonable prices, at least compared to what I've seen whislt trawling through facebook and the bloggosphere.

If any one is joining me in this challenge, I would love to hear about/ see what you've bought :)

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