Friday, May 6, 2011

My one wish is to come back as Darwin Deez's Jumper

Last weekend, lovely and I had an amazing amount of gigs lined up to go see, purely by coincidence (and thanks to a little festival called groovin the moo. Thankyou for bringing Darwin Deez to Australia!!!!)
First off was Washington. In case you're not aware that I have the biggest girl crush on her, and she certainly did not dissapoint. The atmosphere was a little different to last time, as we could only get tickets to the underage show - there was lots of squealing, and parents, and I think she was a little nervous because the majority of the audience was not getting progressively wasted, but she put on a great show, her voice just keeps on getting better and she had a new sparkly costume this time, which was just rad :) unfortunatly we missed the support, Lissie, cos I was working, which would have been awesome, but its alright cos we're gonna go see her solo show instead. Yay!

Second of all was Darwin Deez.

The only way I can convey the brilliance of this concert is by this video (not taken by me, unfortunatly)

This was one of the most purely fun gigs I've ever been to. If you ever get the chance to, YOU MUST experience this. There are no words that can substitute.

Last, but certainly not least, we went to see Hungry Kids of Hungary. This was total value for money, with not one but thre supports (although we did sneak out of the chemist for some cheeky dumplings. om nom nom). Daniel Lee Kendall was adorable, he's a very honest and awkward performer, and even had his own little dance break at the end (ala Darwin Deez :) ). Following him was Andy Bull, who is such a fun performer, apart from having a beautiful yet slightly femeine voice, his banter is almost better than his music. He's freakin hilarious. He was also selling kisses as part of his merch, and was tempted to spend 5 dollars to aquire one (with boyfriends approval of course).
And of course Hungry Kids, who were a lot more powerful than I expected, they kinda blew me away. My highlight was 'Let You Down', 'Wristwatch', 'Last Waltz' which was done as a duet with Andy Bull (he looked so chuffed to be performing with a band), and the cover of one of my favourite ever Smashing Pumpkins song, '1979'. There's really not enough good SP covers in the world *sigh* They're songs are unbelievable.
The only lowlight was a tall jerk standing in front of me and blatently starring at girls and their boobs right in front of his girlfriend. Asshole.

I made a mix of these awesome bands,(including Lissie, cos I will eventually get to see her), feel free to listen and share the love.

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