Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello Autumn (I've Been Expecting You)

Whether it be by updating their facebook status or vocal lamentation on public transport, it seems a lot of people are not so happy about the transition of summer into autumn. As the temperatures plummet and the number of daylight hours begin to dwindle, apparently so do people's spirits and desires to be out of doors and away from electric heaters. But I say, hey Autumn, you're not so bad, I actually think you're pretty neat; you fill my days with the beautiful hues of browns, oranges and golds, I get to unpack all my lovely wollen clothing and accessories that I bought in Peru and had to pack up and ship home as soon as I reached Brazil, in exchange for uncomfortable bikinis and general embarrasing sweatiness, and enjoy the fresh rosy cheeked sensation of cold wind against my face as I walk the city streets in my knee high boots and a snuggly pistachio green overcoat, rather than trying desperatly to hide the shiny, scabby sunburnt colour of my face with nasty amounts of foundation. Of course, these are all rather superficial reasons as to why I enjoy this particular change in season; it is of course essential to the complex infrastructure of Nature and thus our very survival as human beings. But I also enjoy how a changing season makes me feel, like there's space for something new, a time for spiritual de-cluttering; at the risk of sounding like a Woman's Weekly horoscope, it brings the winds of change. I'm not sure if this will be good of bad, but so far, the outlook is pretty lovely :) (I say as I'm knocking on the wooden wall of my beside dresser. What? I'm irrationally superstitious)
So here is my ode to the changing of the seasons, which I took while wandering through Treasury Gardens last weekend. Autumn, though others may mock you and curse your arrival, I welcome you with an open heart.

(You know what they say, the Apple does not fall far from the tree)


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