Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Handmade Challenge

As of the first of May, I've decided I'm setting myself a wee bit a challenge, just for funsies :P I have decided that for the whole month I will only be purchasing handmade or recycled items in a bid to raise my ethical consumer standards and to try and support local enterprise and handmade culture instead of mass production. I shall be documenting my purchases in order to keep tabs on my spending, and hopefully this may curb it a little, although with the amount of cool stuff on etsy at the moment, I have a feeling it wont! Anyways, feel free to join me in clensing your consumer conscience and supporting the vast array of local and international crafting talent :) You may find it a lot easier than you think.

I bought these gorgeous little buttons from a great supply shop called Popalicious Too! which stocks heaps of beautifully designed buttons, and you can choose whether you want flat backs, pin backs or hollow backs :) I think I might use these as little additions to birthday presents, and maybe make a couple of cute hair clips or a ring or something :) Not bad for under 10 bucks!

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