Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Word Wednesday: Word Snacks

Word Wednesday! This week I thought I might share some of my favourite literature themed twitter feeds that inject little pieces of literary goodness into days when I don't even have time to pick up a book (this does happen, much to my dismay).
I'm a new convert to twitter; I'm ashamed to admit that until a couple of months ago I thought it was only used to stalk and or judge shameful celebrities. But I am happy to admit that I was very wrong, and that there is so much good stuff out there, wonderful stories and events and photos and contests and people that I never would have heard of otherwise! Not that I need any other social media sites aka tools for procrastination, but oh well.

 Sylvia Plath Quotes:

This is my favourite lit themed twitter feed. All these wonderful musings by one of my most favourite writers are served up to my mobile in bite sized pieces, and they never cease to move me, and to paint the world outside my train window a little more melancholy and beautiful.

I lean to you, numb as a fossil. Tell me I’m here.

Lit Hum:
Lit Hum is a celebration of literature, with a big focus on poetry, with strong roots in the humanities. I enjoy these tweets, because it is often easy to forget how poetry relates to the rest of the world. This reminds me that it will always have relevance.

The self forms at the edge of desire, and a science of self arises in the effort to leave that self behind. - Anne Carson

Poets House

Poets House: a place for poetry—library, literary center, locus of poetic inspiration. Tweeting poetic fragments and things-to-know.
I really like Poets House, because it exposes me to a lot of new poets and poetry ,and I like how each tweet is only few lines (there are few poems 140 characters long), and then they provide a link to click through to the full poem.

This is the way the blues works/Its sorry wonders,/Makes trouble look like/A feather bed ~ Cornelius Eady

This is one for the Australians. Readings is probably the best, if not one of the last, bookstore chains left standing, and I for one am very glad that it is still around. I could get lost in the Carlton store for hours, and come away with more books that I could realistically afford. This twitter feed keeps me up to date with all the fabulous literary events they put on or are involved with, as well as upcoming releases, reviews and recommendations for books to try. Hooray!

I hope this brings some written word inspired joy into your day, but don't forget to pick up a book when you can, because there really is no substitute.

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