Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday - Lisa Mitchell

Music Monday everybody! Did you all have an awesome weekend? Did you go see any live music? Who did you see? 

This week's song is in the same vein of last week's, in that it features a female Australian artist who had all but disappeared since the release of her last album! I'm talking about the lovely Lisa Mitchell, of course! 

I was, and am still a huge fan of her first album, Wonder, which came out quite a few years ago now, and so I am very glad to herald her return to the Australian music scene, and my my has it been worth the wait! Her new single 'Spiritus', is such an uplifting song,  it's got this real 'everything is bright and wonderful' feel to it. Her voice is just as gorgeous, as always, and this time helps to give the song an almost otherworldly quality. 
And the clip looks like it would have been so much fun to make, I adore the human kaleidoscope. 

I'll just let you enjoy it now, shall I? 

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