Thursday, May 10, 2012

Drunk Monkeys: The Cycles

Hullo lovely people! This is just a short blog to let you know that my story 'The Cycles' has been published in Drunk Monkeys! Hooray! This one is about a woman and her unnatural, almost unhealthy attachment to material things, an idea that came about during my own exhausting wardrobe overhaul.

I was instantly drawn to submit to this publication by their charming description on Duotrope.

'1,000 years ago the only way to produce a Bible was for some poor monk to sit hunched over his table and painstakingly transcribe a new copy word by word. The resulting illuminated manuscripts are still among the most beautiful pieces of art ever produced-but sometimes, if you looked in the margins, you'd get a pretty big surprise.

Some of the monks doing the transcribing would get a little punchy after hours of work. When the time came to produce the artwork around the words they would draw filthy, silly doodles. Often these bizarre doodles involved monkeys playing games of chance, dressed in priests' robes, flinging poo, and getting drunk on sacramental wine.

These manuscripts sit at the conjunction of art, religion, literature, and juvenile humor. There's no better symbol of mankind's history of expression than that.

Here at Drunk Monkeys we carry on that tradition. We are open to all forms of expression: critical analysis, opinion pieces, and creative work of any type. We set snark aside in favor of appreciation for where we've been and where we can go together. '

How cool is this? If you would like to check out my story, it's up now in the Short Stories section. And then you can peruse the rest of the website, there's so much great content to check out! Personally, I am enjoying the Mad Men Season 5 recaps, although I'm already two episodes behind! Ack!

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