Monday, May 28, 2012

Music Monday - Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor's new album is out! Thanks to the lovely people at Frankie Mag I have already had a listen to 'What We Saw From the Cheap Seats' via their exclusive album stream, and I have to say that I adore it! It's got plenty of the strange, quirky Regina that I fell in love with after listening to Soviet Kitsch for the first time as an angsty teen. The song I'm going to share with you today, however, is one of the more conventional tracks; I chose 'How' because I just happen to be in the mood for a simple, unabashed love song with a classic Regina twist.

Because it's so new I couldn't find a studio version on YouTube, but I think this live version does the song justice. I really hope she comes to Melbourne (or just happens to play while we're in Europe! I can only hope...) Enjoy!

You can check out the full album stream here

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