Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Word Wednesday: 30 Poems in 30 days

So my dearest writing idol and mentor (oh my gosh even after all this time I still can't believe I can truthfully wirte this sentence), Francesca Lia Block, has begun a fabulous new challange for all of you who love to write poetry, or for those of you who don't but feel as though you're in a bit of writing rut!
Francesca is writing one unedited poem per day for the next 30 days! Today is Day Six, and although I haven't been posting my poems on her comment threads, I have been reading hers, those of my writing tribe and whoever else has posted in her comment feed, and boy, is there some phenomenal work coming out of this or what?!

You can check out all the poems Francesca's Blog; I've been writing mine in a notebook, because the nature of my work schedual means I'm not near a computer all the time. I wanted to share at least a few of them on this blog, but I thought that instead of just typing them out, I would scan in a few note book pages, so you could see the the words as they came straight from my brain, warts and all!
There is something so liberating about writing like this, straight from the mind through the pen and onto the page (though I have had to restrain myself from editing bits here and there). Number Three is my favourite!


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