Monday, August 27, 2012

Music Monday: Hiatus Kaiyote

Welcome to another Music Monday!
I'm going to throw in a bit of curve ball into this week, and post a song that is quite different to what I usually would post, or listen to for that matter.

This is song is by Hiatus Kaiyote, who I did not even know existed until today. This is another one of those songs that pulled me out of the Spotify listening haze that I seem to fall into quite regularly. I realised while listening to this song that I don't dislike soul music, I just haven't been exposed to a whole heap of it that has stuck with me. This sticks.

The description of this youtube clip describes this song as 'Future Soul', which I rather like, and it also says that they are from Melbourne! Hooray for local talent!

I would love to know what you think, this is a song that seems to be growing on me even more every time I listen to it.
And I also have to feature the cover art for their album, Tawk Tomahawk because, well, it's awesome!

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