Saturday, August 18, 2012

Needle Work Needle Play Exhibition

So on Thursday night I made a little trip to the Brunswick Street Gallery to check out the Needle Work Needle Play Exhibition! I had recently bought a necklace from the enviously talented Gemma Pobjoy a.k.a Triangle of Bears, and saw that she was being featured in said exhibition on one of my favourite streets in the whole of Melbourne! So I thought I would go along!

 How cool are her necklaces?! She makes them from felt, recycled leather (from op shopped handbags!!) with embroidered detailing and adorable coloured bead chains! Here's the one I bought from her...

and you can check out her etsy store here if you would like to purchase a one of a kind statement piece! I've already recieved a tonne of compliments for mine, and someone even said that it looked like something out of Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy, which I got a real kick out of!

Needle Work Needle Play featured a fantastic range of local craft talent, including the likes of.... 

Cat Rabbit

 Carly Altree Williams

Haeli Van Veen

 Evie Barrow

Al Munro

 I particularly liked Al Munro's work; these sequined and embroidered creations are not only gorgeous, they're actually based off historical diagrams from the field of science known as crystallography, 'a discipline which studies and mapsthe arrangement of atoms within a solid'. Sequined science?! Hells yes!

The great thing about a gallery like BSG is that you can go along for one exhibition, and end up checking out all the other galleries they have as well. After taking my visual fill of all the fabulous crafty wares, I came upon another room, and another exhibition that I came to like just as much, if not the tiniest bit more than the previous one!

These artworks by the astounding Betty Holdsworth are almost to beautiful for words (but I'm going to try nonetheless)

Almost Dr Suessian in nature (that's a thing, right?), these stunning depictions of both the pathways of the mind and the fuctions of the body resonated deeply with my love of both science and art; there is nothing I love more than the combination of the two.

State of Mind is a study of the innerworkings of the conciousness. The works in this series are Betty's interpretive recordings of the fleeting visual images displayed in the mind (referred to as the mind's eye) during various states of mind or sensory experience...

Ah! I'm in love. You can check out both exhibitions at the Brunswick St Gallery, and some really great NWNP artist features at their blog!

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