Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Playlist: Her Name Was A

So I know I missed a Music Monday, and there's no way I can remedy this with hilarious Tuesday puns because it's now Wednesday! So, I thought that I would instead do a Music Monday Word Wednesday mash up! Mash ups are all the rage, guys (do people even say that anymore?)

Anyway, he's the playlist I created for my story Her Name Was A, which was published earlier this year in Issue #47 of Storychord. I imagined the narrator and protagonist of this story to embody all facets of woman as Aphrodite; the classic fifties allure of Marilyn, the bizzare yet intriguing mystery of Tori, the poisonous power of a scorned Kate Nash. This is her sountrack.

I also included the song that Sarah paired with my story, Running with Insanity by Alcoholic Faith Mission, is also on there, which I think makes a left field but a very complimentary addition to my playlist. 
If you would like to check out my story, you can see it here! Storychord is a great mixed media publication that incorporates music, words and visual art for maximum multi-sensory stimulation.

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