Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Word Wednesday: Stitch Witches

Currently I'm writing a flash fiction piece for the afore mentioned very special project I'm working on with my writing lovlies! If you can't bare to wait until April 1st to see what I'm going on about, you can go here and here to get a sneak peek.

Anyway, Stitch Witches is the working title for an idea I've being mulling over for a while. Here's a little taste of the very much unfinished product

We sew for the dead because we want to comfort them in their plight; it might not be able to help them pass on, but neither can we; our powers are not strong enough to pull spirits through the veil. We give them the clothes to complete their unfinished business, and get there themselves.
We have to focus on the chosen pattern drawn by Cecelia sits in the middle of a ring of white and purple pillar candles. Hands joined, fingertip to fingertip, with crossed legs and closed eyes we chant an almost inaudible hum. It gets louder as we begin to forget ourselves, to exist only as the needle and thread. Four invisible seamstresses we work, pulling silver threads taught through celestial fabrics the colour of night sky, exploding with nebula. Daisy prints complete with little white heads bobbing up and down in the breeze. Malibu sunset horizon colours, Los Angeles pink smog colours, spreadable mustard, cornflower blue,  rose prints that bloom or snail their petals up tight according to the mood. These are the clothes we wish for ourselves. When we leave we hope there are covens who will do the same for us.  We want to pass this legacy on to our children.

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