Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Word Wednesday: Fry's Planet Word

Today's Word Wednesday is brought to you by one of my favourite human beings in the whole world, Stephen Fry. Not only is he hilarious, he is warm, he is proudly homosexual and incredibly intelligent! I would definitely invite him to my ultimate fantasy dinner party, along with Marieke Hardy, Tori Amos, Neil Gaiman and Francesca Lia Block. IMAGINE THE CONVERSATION!!!!

Anyway, back to Stephen and his wonderful brain; they have just started showing his most recent documentary called "Fry's Planet Word" on ABC, and it's all about words and language. I caught an episode last week whilst casually flicking channels, and loved everything about it; the information, the travel aspect, and most of all Stephen Fry's genuine love of knowledge, language and learning.  I'm planning on staying home every Sunday night until it's over just so I don't miss an episode

My favourite part of this trailer is when he says that language "can make pictures where there are none".


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