Sunday, March 25, 2012

Prom Night

So last night Lovely and I had the pleasure of attending a friends house warmning party. Now I always enjoy house parties, over, say, clubbing, even when I don't know many people there, which was the case with this one, but what made this particular house warming even better was that it was themed! 

This is what I imagine real proms to be like; all warm and hazy, awash with pastel colours and awkward fumblings through ill fitting clothes. 

"The Bad Taste Prom" was so much fun to shop for, I had an excuse to trawl through racks and racks of velvet satin and tulle, to wear lots of eye makeup and these coral coloured clip on earrings that I bought on a whim from Etsy and have hardly ever worn.

These earrings, of all things, got me thinkingl; why don't I wear them more often? I really do love them, even if they are a little bit weird and out-dated. And then I started thinking about my clothes, and my style in general. I have a bit of a reputation as amongst friends and family as "the daggy one" (for international friends, this is a nicer way of saying uncool or fashionably inept). But I really do like dressing up, I like odd patterns and bright colours and matching clothes that you would never think go together until you put them on. I'm not trying to be 'ironic' (that word is so poorly and frequently used these days!), I actually really like them. That doesn't mean I never dress up normal (whatever that is), I have some of what I feel is nice normal socially acceptable clothing. It's just fun sometimes to step out of the "colour blocked mini dress and platform boots" box and into the one with the bright tights or old lady cardigans or jewellery that you've made yourself. So from now one, if I want to wear my clip on earrings, I'm going to wear my goddam clip on earrings.

I think this video pretty much sums up what I'm trying to say; if you don't know Tavi Gevinson, go visit her blog or jump onto ROOKIE. She is an incredible human being.


Tavi Gevinson Closet Interview for from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

And now you that you have been dazzeled by her obscurity, here is a proper photograph of my dress! 

It's hard to tell in this photo, but Lovely's dinner jacket has this weird denim look, which he wore with jeans, and a denim tie that he made himself! So attractive.

The party itself was also really fun, there was a ballon arch for couples to walk through, punch (spiked of course), and even the crowning of Prom King and Queen! Thanks Erin for a really cool party (and I also actually really loved your dress. It was hideously beautiful).

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