Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Deites - No Vacancy

So I stumbled on this incredibly whimsical exhibition at the No Vacancy Gallery QV. It's called Little Deities, a collaborative exhibition of sixty amazing artists, including one of my favourite illustrators, Miss Emma Leonard, and a creative interpretation of their own god or goddess. This incredible collection is an explosion of imagination and creativity, and explores the asthetics of what different people choose to worship; some are crass, some are beautiful, some are hilarious and some are just so weird you want to stare at them for hours.
 It's only on until this Sunday, but if you're not too busy and you're in Melbourne this weekend you should defintely check it out, because my photos won't do these little sculptures justice. You can also check out their project website here

Here are the photos of some of my favourites:

 Spirix- Elise Martinson

Rose Perpetua - Suzana Poljak

 Lenora (Laughing on the Inside) - Basak Savcigil

 The $2 Shop Diety - Patron Saint of Landfill - Kat Chadwick

Edwin, the God of Flux -  Viet-My Bui

 Dreaming Bird Boy - The Supreme Spirit of Birds - Vincent Agostino

 Sweet Briar - Emma Leonard. It's so cool to see some of her work off the page. 

...and the winner of best name, Snuffles Pusnose, The Hayfever Deity - Megan Narin
This is me from about September onwards.

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