Monday, June 4, 2012

Music Monday: Soko

Music Monday! This week I'm featuring a very sweet, yet not quite safe for work video to accompany a beautiful new song by Soko. You may have heard Soko's most famous song 'I'll Kill Her,' floating around  a few years before; it's a sort of derranged stalker ballad sung by a French fairy who is always thinking about what could have been. And that's pretty much how I would describe Soko, in the most loving way, because I adore her derranged fairy-ness and her very honest, soul bareing lyrics. I can relate to anything she puts out one hundred times more than say, some of Rhianna's or Lady Gaga's songs; 'Shitty Day' is my favourite song to play when I'm, well, feeling less than great. You don't wanna hear about how sexy Rhianna is feeling in the club right now, when you're sitting in your dressing gown eating dry cereal from the box and popping pimples.

As I said, the song is clean, but this video is NSFW. Enjoy!

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