Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hand(may)de #3

As we near the end of May and the end of one of my favourite seasons, its time for another entry for my handmade and second hand month challenge :)
This beautiful necklace was designed and made by the very talented Janella of J-line designs. She has a gorgeous collection of unique abstract pieces that incorporate crystals, bullet cases, bottles and butterfly wings, and as soon as I found her I had to have one for myself.

To peruse and purchase her designs, go to her tumblr, her blog, or look her up on Facebook

An in the spirit of handmade, look what my lovely made me :)

I call her Jezabel, as birds are rather promiscuous in nature, and she is very beautiful. I'm not one for frequently gushing over the internet, but I have the best boyfriend ever :3

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