Friday, May 13, 2011

Hand(may)de #2 sort of...

So even though this is the second official post I've made for my handmade challenge, technically all of these go into the second hand category :P So far, it has been surprisingly easy (maybe that says something about my taste in clothes accesories and general paraphanelia)
Anyway, the first addition to my wardrobe was aquired on the same day as the Savage Garden Adventure I had with Ruby two Fridays ago. It was sold as a slip to cover a hideous mother-of-the-bride type dress, but I just disposed of that to the bag of clothes that are going back to the op shop, and now wear this over the top of a simple black dress or sheer black slip (as demostrated). And now I love it.

The second two garments came to me courtesy of my lovely grandmother, who has decided, like me, that she has too many clothes in her wardrobe, and, unlike me, is ready to give them away. She originally bought them over for my mum, but seeing that she didn't want them, I decided to give them a new home.

It's so cold in Melbourne at the moment I've already worn these a number of times, they're so comfy, and they make me look like I should persue a career as a Librarian, which, for me, is not at all a bad thing. In fact, perhaps I should take these as an omen to do just that!

And last, but certainly not least, Lovely and I went to the May Market at the local church on Blackburn Road (I'm not really religious, but people who attend church fairs tend to have the best collection of knick knacks)

For the silver branch detail ring and the camera ring I paid $5 dollars for both, while the gold plated bird broach came from a lovely old lady with what I imagined to be Russian accent and a beautiful collection of vintage jewels. I love church markets, it's just like an op shop minus the rummaging.

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  1. hihi I d love to met the lady with russian accent :D Sounds cute!


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