Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Future Music Festival

To end the awesome run of summer festivals I have been attending since I got back from holidays, me, Lovely and some of our friends went to the Future Music Festival. We thought we were in for a hot one, starting off with a very sweaty train ride into Flemmington, but the weather soon turned, dowsing us in torrential rain for the better part of the day. BUT we were not disheartened, as dancing in the rain to your favourite bands with your favourite people is not really something to be complaining about :) well, at least until you start feeling a little bit cold, uncomfortable and annoyed that the powers that be start shortening set lists :(
These were the bands we saw

Gypsy and the Cat

I'd only heard a couple of their songs (Jonah Vark, Time to Wander) so I didn't really know what to expect, but they were brilliant live, especially during those songs and The Piper's Song, which reminds me of Toto's Africa everytime I listen to it now for some reason. I'm sure I was the only person not singing along to that song when they played it, but only because I'd never heard it before (that's what I get for going overseas for the summer. Oh well, I got to listen to lots of Justin Beiber and Shakira :/) The lead singer has abeautiful live voice, all in all one of the highlights of my day and definatly recommened if you ever get the chance to see them :)

Tame Impala
The first band on the chopping block setlist wise :( Pretty sure they only played four songs, but it is Tame Impala so they were all pretty much over the seven minute mark. Trippy videos accompanied their music really well, and they were all decked out in very stylish hippy atire which I rather liked. I also liked the lead singer's subtle dig at Ke$ha, who was playing at the same time, and the fact that he thanked us for coming to see them and not her. Trust me dude, it was not a hard descision. Although apparently Ke$ha did have confetti cannons, which are always fun. Hmmm...nope, not even that would be worth it. But most importantly, they sounded awesome, just would have liked to hear more from them. But they did play Solitude is Bliss, which I rather love, so I should be grateful!

Art Vs Science
Oh my freakin god. Now I went into this knowing full well how awesome they were live, having seen them at Falls a couple of years ago, but the only way to truely capture the feeling you get at a live Art Vs Science set is to keep going back. Which I did, and will do until they cease to play live, on which day I will cry my little heart out.
Once again, they blew all expectations out of the water. I don't know what it is about this band, whether its the ridiculous lyrics, the sci-fi inspired synth keyboards or the ground shaking base but there is something their music that just makes me feel so damn GOOD! Highlights: just as they began the opening to Magic Fountain, it started pissing down with rain. So appropriate. I love little music moments like that. Oh and Parles Vouz Frances, just cos its awesome. Sadly, this was the other set that got cut short :( so no fresh prince covers this time (sad), but it was still probably my favourite set of the day, even if it did mean we had to miss Mark Ronson; I heard he was also rather awesome.

The Presets
I've loved the Presets since I was about 18 years old, which was pre Apocolypso and I had just discovered "Are You the One?" whilst on one of my many Thursday or Saturday nights out in Brown Alley. This prompted me to download their second album Beams, as it was also during the days when Limewire was around. Oh, how things have changed. Although I do love Apocolypso, the Presets seem to have lost the dirty grungy danceness that they used to encapsulate so well in favour of a shiny new sound, which became most aparent when they stripped back my favourite aforementioned song without the signature starting riff. It was still a really great full set, and I'm all for bands evolving and moving on to try new things. I guess what I'm trying to say is that part of me misses the old days, and seeing the Presets at Future reminded me of this.

Dizzee Rascal

We didn't to see much of Dizzee cos we were frantically trying to find our friends whom we had not seen again since the start of Tame Impala. But what we did see was pretty cool, Dizzee seems like a real character. He played his big ones, like Dance Wiv Me, Holiday, Dirty Disco, You've Got the Dirty Love etc. pretty early on, but I have to say that I enjoyed one of his older songs the most (I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Fix Up Look Sharp), oh and of course You've Got the Dirty Love, because, well, I'm not so secretly in love with Florence Welch. No Bonkers though. A little sad.


This was the dark horse set for me; I knew I was looking forward to it, I had been highly reccomended by Lovely who is a huge fan, but I didn't know what it was going to be like. It was brilliant. Definatly would have been my favourite if I hadn't already been seduced by the sounds of Art Vs Science earlier in the day. It's the kind of music that on an ipod i have to be in the mood for, but on the stage it is so big and loud it enters every orifice and fills you with exuberence and a unexplainable joy for life, even if the lyrics are sometimes rather depressing (Watercolour, for example). So you could say I was violated by Pendulum, but in a good way!
It was funny though, you could definatly tell that a lot of the kids were only there to hear the remix they did of the ABC news theme, cos as soon as they played it, they all fucked off to go see the Chemical Brothers.

The Chemical Brothers

So yes, after the Pendulum set, we also fucked off to see the end of the Chemical Brothers. Who were pretty damn good I must say. They definatly win best lighting and visual effects for the day, with lots of little short films to go with every song (they played it pretty much like a massive DJ set) and at one stage a giant lit up butterfly cage. It's amazing how many Chemical Brothers songs I know without knowing that I know them. They didn't play Galvanise, or the Salmon Dance (or they did, but we missed it because we were too busy being musically violated at Pendulum) But it was a good way to end an exhausting day, and a good way to send off our dear friend Brenton, who is now living in London! Lucky bugger.

I didn't take my camera with me (cos I dropped it overseas and now the focus doesn't work *sigh* I'm not allowed to have nice things), so these photos were borrowed from Evarinaldiphotography on flikr.

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