Sunday, March 6, 2011

Andy Bull

To continue the awesome run of gigs that my lovely has been taking me to, on Saturday night we went to see Andy Bull :) He was incredible to say the least, and a real fan of audience interaction, which was great cos he's a damn funny guy (and curses like a sailor). He is also rather clever, and his songs come across as very genuine and have a lot of depth to them which is sometimes hard to find in the music industry these days. I particularly liked how he explained Last Waltz to be a song about being demasculinised by your partner, and that songs with real emotional depth are neither exclusively happy or sad, but are a combination of both, thus reflecting life, which is both filled with light and darkness. This really resonated with me, especially at this time in my life.
Even though the special guests that appear on his EP Phantom Pains weren't present (Lisa Mitchell, Little Red, Hungry Kids of Hungary), him and his excellent guitarist friend, who he described as both a tall drink of water and a handsome devil, did an awesome job at the stripped back set; his voice is strong and clear enough to carry anything! Stand outs for me included Dog (below), Nothing to Lose, We're Too Young, and his hilarious banter. Oh, and he opened with a cover of New Slang, which is my all time favourite Shins song. Best.

Andy Bull (with much longer hair than he has now)

We also caught the end of the supporting set by Jessica Says, and the beginning of Owl Eyes. I really enjoyed both of them, although I was particularly struck by Jessica Says and her voice's uncanny resemblence to Kate Bush. That and her penchant for bodysuits and interpretive dance. It's remarkable, and a little scary.

Jessica Says

But I'll let you be the judge of that.

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