Friday, May 7, 2010

New Poetry and Pictures from the Like-Minded Lovelies

I want to be a poetry scout.

Frozen Heart
Kyle Campbell

A solid sheet of ice and sleet
Inches its way across every part of me
every surface frozen still
Hand left open for yours
words will not flow across this tongue
these lips will remain silent
for my heart is not that of a gamblers
he cannot step out on that wire
with no fear of rejection
They yell "it's dangerous"
keep those words as yours
and yours alone.

My brain gleefully listens
The reason a drug
it floods him with serotonin and dopamine
logic is what i should choose
he knows she sees through my bright coat
that fancy tricks will not impress
My hearts thinks of phrases
of a thousand words and rhymes
Silly poems and clever lines
that i will be able to elegantly annunciate
but my tongue will not budge
awaiting your first move
we reach a stalemate

In my sleep
doppelganger actors play out
vivid scenes happiness and love
i wish i was him the hero
the brave soul
with the strength to open his mouth
and unlock his heart
but alas i remain a face in the crowd
while they frolic about upon the stage.

I've got dreams to remember
Like an Otis Redding song
stealing your heart away
with each note that rolls across you ears
They fall like sand
Through my clenched fists
As i am pulled out of that world
I grasp and grab,
Claw and scratch
For those dreams
So as to keep this smile on my face
But i am awoken in this world
Of lost confidence and social expectation

I yearn to have the guts
to step out in the rain
and call your name
hoping and praying
that my calls will be answered
but for now i remain frozen
a statue in your garden
just to be this close to you
yearning for your fire
for you warmth
for your heat

This is my friend Kyle. He is a lovely. So I'm promoting him, you should check out his other stuff, he has artwork and everything it is also quite excellent
Click on it! Now (please) :)

This is Ruby. She is also a lovely. She takes brilliant photographs and manages to make me look cool. :P you should check out her photography
Do it! Yeah :P

And last, but certainly not least, I want to show you my friend Laura and her wicked photo manips. These are my two favs, they remind me of twisted old fairytales

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