Monday, May 3, 2010

Art Attack #2

Ok so instead of being productive I went to the NVG today in order to calm myself down and give my pour neglected creative soul some feeding. I went and saw the Love, Loss and Intimacy Exhibit, which was just lovely, and then me and my friend Kyle (after a detour to get cupcakes and the lucky acquisition of free books :) ) went to the Ian Potter Gallery to see Top Arts. These people make me wish I was in any way artistically talented. Wow.

My Favourites

Top Arts 2010

Molly Baulch

Rachel Yong

Shannon Contin

Jack Crosby

Chau Truong

Billie Julien

Madeline Dusek

Love, Loss and Intimacy

William Orpen - Night No. 2

Frederick Sandys

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