Monday, September 14, 2009

If i had the money

If I had the money i think it would be funny-uh uh oh buy these clothes. But all my money goes towards rent :( and gigs :)

Oooooh maaaaaaan i want these stockings so so so so bad! Even the shoes are gorgeous but the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiights! If anyone wants to buy a present ever, birthday xmas whatever, find these tights for me! I will love you forever.

I love the bodice of this dress. Would possibly wear with my new green hummingbird tights *hint hint* :)

Pretty red slip dress :) One of the few reds that would actually look ok with my red hair -_-

Loooooove this dress/red lipstick/lace glove combo. So alternative glam :)

Love the shoe stocking combo and the coat and shirt is very cute. Man i need more moneies

I want to dance around in these outfits listening to vampire weekend, manchester orchestra and yves klein blue. for now ill just have to do it naked.....


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