Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seaside: Snaps of L.A's Boyfriend

Some pictures of L.A's Surfer Boyfriend

"You want to go to the seaside? I'm trying to say that everbody wants to go
I fell in love at the seaside, she handled my charm with time and slight of hand.
But I'm just trying to love you, any kind of way
But I'm finding it hard to love you when your far away"

Warmth runs through my viens like liquid golden sunshine, and i can always taste salt on my tongue and feel it on my skin so it stretchs tight over my bird bones. Out here i can feel my ribcage and i can taste my skin.
I spent some time getting reaquainted with my Great Aunt Shirley today; i really hope i end up like her when I'm an old lady, shes such a lovely spirit to be around. She has this great curly red hair that sits so perfectly it looks like fairy floss, blue eye shadow and perfect lipstick and manicured nails, a wicked sense of humour and wit and sass to boot. She reminds me a lot of Fifi from "Baby Be-Bop", she is totally would have been super sassy slinkster cool hipster in the 50's, driving a pink Pontiac convertible, wearing big sunglasses and drinking milkshakes in diners. One day I'm going to get her to tell me her story, its definatly one that i have to add to my collection.

Peace, Sunshine and Salt.


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