Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cruel Summer: Francesca Lia Block

cruel summer
francesca lia block
i have everything i wanted and it’s not enough
my baby coughs each night
it’s always hot i sweat
you lie awake
in your air-cooled apartment
while i guzzle sleep
like a fiend
in my big hot bed
still listening for children’s cries
gamine-faced jean seberg watches from your screen..
her baby was buried
in a coffin made of glass
i dream of men with crazy grins
wake and need to scrape
my mouth all clean with salt
today my baby boy went to a friend’s
there was a gun somewhere in the house
locked away but still
he’s never going there again
i always liked august best
got pregnant then three times i think
felt softest in my skin
now i take birth control
pills but there's no need
.. ..
the horror movies stack up on the dresser
unwatched and i fumble with myself
like a stranger
a one-night stand
or an insomniac
in a coffin made of glass

She is my muse

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