Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Velma for President

Today i went to Movie World aka Hollywood on the Goldcoast - ive never been to Hollywood, just read lots about it in Francesca Lia Blocks books (I'm going on a bit of an FLB trip at the moment cos here is the closest i can get to there. I can imagine that it would be a lot like this, except a bit more neon, tacky, blonde and exotic. The Gold Coast could be L.A's laidback Australian surfer boyfriend, woth bleach blonde hair, a peeling tan and a surfboard hanging out his VW van window as he blasts The Beach Boys.

I also discovered today that one of my many dream jobs, apart from being Conor Obersts groupie, would be a member of the Mystery Inc. Team. I could totally be a mystery solving teenager in the sixties! Scooby Doo is the bomb diggity <3>

More Pics of the holiday will be up soon.
Peace and Love Dudes!

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