Thursday, August 27, 2009

So lonely so pretty such a lack of diplomacy

So i'm just chilling at home by myself listening to Phoenix :D man i love those french lovlies they make me wanna dance on clouds. Oh and I'm doing a very good job of avoiding homework because i really have no interest in it at all :P So phoenix and blogs help that.

Whats been happening this side of the looking glass? Words, wonders, the boosh, 1:30 am kaluahs, booty calls, shiny disco balls. Miss B and I went to the Black Cat last night with some friends from uni (the best thing to come out of that institution :P) and got mighty drunk :) then we came home to have our own drunken dance party in our living room, that was interrupted by an unwanted 8 legged visitor :S now miss B and i are not the girliest of girls, but we do not deal well with spiders with their long legs crawling towards us and their eyes watching us always watching *run away* but we are still alive. off to make a pot of tea and create something :)

Peace and Love the life your in

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