Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Writing Disorder

So I sold another story :) and I use the term 'sold' very loosely here because I'm not actually getting any money for it. But I get the privilege of being included in another collection of stories by some very talented individuals.
The Writing Disorder is a quarterly online literary journal that includes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art, as well as book reviews and interviews, including one with the fabulous Francesca Lia Block. I submitted my story nearly a year ago now, and it's just come out in their Winter issue, so it has been a very long time waiting. Reading it over now, I've realised how far I have come in one year; I still really like it (and I hope you do to), but my classes with Francesca have changed my approach, for the better I think, so that now I'm more focused on writing in the present.
Still, I invite you to go
check it out; this one is free to read, I promise, and you'll also get to find out my real name! My cover is blown! Haha
And while you're there, have a peruse around the other contributor’s work; I did and found fellow Love Magick-er Ashley Inguanta has some of her photographs included in the same issue. They're really something!

Image: Ashley Inguanta

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