Monday, January 23, 2012

Slow Readers Book Club

So I joined the Slow Readers Book Club. It's an online book club started by Diana from Our City Lights back in 2010, and uses facebook, tumblr, and discussion forums to get people involved and excited about reading. Hooray!
The time you have to read the prescribed books is a lot longer than most book clubs I've heard about, which I like because it gives me time to read other books during that time. The last thing I want is for reading to feel like a chore.

Currently we are reading The Virgin Suicides, which I've already read but hey, like I need an excuse to read it again! So if you want to get excited about reading but don't know where to start, or you need someone to talk about books because all your friends just don't share your love of the written word, regardless of how many times you've tried to lend them The Bell Jar, this could be the community you're looking for!
I can't wait to find out what people think of one of my favourite books, and expand my reading horizons for 2012!

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