Friday, November 13, 2009

Abnormally attracted to Tori

There is always a point in time in a girls life when she knows that no matter what happens to her, she can deal with it in her own unique way, and that she is going to be ok. That is exactly The catalyst for this astounding revelation is of course no other than Tori Amos.
I am currently in recovery after seeing both her Melbourne Shows (which cost me a pretty penny, i can tell you, but then I probably would have sold my grandmother for these tickets). Having seen her before in 2007 on the American Doll Posse Tour, I was not completely naive to the unearthly experience i was about to have, but these past two nights surpassed all expectations my sketchy memory could provide.

I entered the concerts, particularly Friday night, in a particularly tumultuous headspace; conflicted by my career choices, angry at allowing myself once again to be led on with the promise of what I thought was a perfectly good guy (don't be silly, there is no such thing), and faced with the possiblity of summer semester after a horrible exam I am almost cetain to fail. But as soon as I saw this goddess of a woman walking towards her piano, as soon as her fingers touched those keys, I forgot everything.

Some words to describe both concerts include: euphoric, electric, amazing, incredible, transcendant, erthreal, eargasmic, orgasmic and any other kind of gasmic you can imagine.
Watching her writhe around (yes she writhes, but in the most sexual alluring orgasmic way) on the piano, the B3 organ and just geting lost in the music made my toes tingle and my chest hurt from the joy and the awe that I felt; I spent songs in tears (Blood Roses, Hey Jupiter, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Little Earthquakes, Pretty Good Year, Sister Janet, the Beekeeper) or grinning my head off like a demented Cheshire cat (Take to the Sky, Mary Jane, Taxi Ride, Mr Zebra, Purple People, Leather, Beatuy of Speed, Barons of Suburbia).
Completely acoustic, with two set lists, completely different save 4 songs, and the most perfect feelings of euphoria I have ever experienced. The only thing that makes me sad is that until she returns I probably will never feel that way again; sorry boys, but no one can get me off like Tori can.
So, before you nay-sayers who feel betrayed by Tori's change in musical direction since the Chiorgirl days, or lack of backing band (which I personally think just distorts the magic with unessecary bass and beats), ask yourself, can you play a Bosendorfer piano and a B3 organ simultaneously? Can you change the composition of the atmosphere with the power of your eargasmic voice? Can you evoke feelings like this in girls (and boys) like me? No, I didn't think so.

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