Sunday, November 22, 2009

Art Attack

I am unashamedly a daughter of 21st Century Western Society, I looove pretty things. And I am not ashamed; Art should be appreciated. So I am.

Also, I discovered today that I am descendant from a race of redheads who lived in a paradise called Hyperborrea, a mythical land from the Classical world where the sun hardly ever shines so that we can go out during the day. I thought that was pretty neat.
Also, its 5 days till I move back home from Pidgeon Cove. I'm going to miss her alot, but it will be nice to have money again, and South America will totally be worth it.
Listening to: The Middle East, Sparklehorse, Cajun Dance Party, The Dresdon Dolls, Regina Spektor
Watching: Friends <3
Wearing: Blue tights, faerie t shirt, red rose skirt
Eating: Pizza :)
Reading: Violet and Claire - Francesca Lia Block. She's running an online class this summer, and i am so going to take it.
Wanting: "Afternoon Tea" Frankie Cook Book, peace of mind, a nice boy, and the chance to write for a living.

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