Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Annual Summer List of things i mean to do but probably never will....

-Drive to the beach on a really hot night, go night swimming, and then sleep there
- Go out dancing all night, then end up at the beach to go night swimming, watch the sunrise, and sleep there
- Make a mixTAPE (not CD) of all my favourite driving songs
- Learn how to drive (mainly so I can play the afore mentioned mixed tape, and stop being a serial lift moocher)
- Drink long island ice teas and tell people what animal their spirit form takes. My spirit animal is a deer.
- Kiss lots of boys (or find one in particular that I can kiss lots)
- Make home made ice-cream, cupcakes, scones, cookies, cider and vodka frog-in-a-pond…mmmmm
- Grow my hair out, or cut it shorter.
- Purge myself of my facebook addiction
- Read all the books I haven’t read thanks to facebook/ studying/ general procrastination
- See “Where the Wild Things Are”, make a wolf pyjama suit and reminisce about my childhood. - Have many tea parties, picnics, beach parties, Christmas parties, end of uni parties, graduation parties and just because I need an excuse to get drunk parties
- Go on numerous opp shopping trips ranging from Studfield to Retrostar.
- Buy more shoes, and donate my old ones
- Go on a long roadtrip to an unknown place with afore mentioned mixtape
- Dance around in my underwear to Vampire Weekend because it seems like the most logical thing to do at the time.
- Go knicknocking with Hannah and Jacqui
- Have a ‘Cajun Dance Party’ Party.
- Boycott pants, especially jeggings…eewwww - Return to Heritage Springs for a pizza.
- Go to LOTS more gigs and buy more CD’s
- Get a job at JB HI FI or Borders so I can afford all afore mentioned tasks.
- Dress up like a Native American and learn how to paint with all the colours of the wind.
- Swear less and love more, but still not eat vegetables

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