Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So, Do You Come Here Often?

So this afternoon I decided to take a leaf out of young Weetzie's book, and took myself on a date.

It began with a  wander down Gertrude St, a peruse through my favourite second hand book/record store, and visit to the Rearview Gallery to see Minna Gilligan's exhibition. Man it was difficult to find, thank goodness for google maps!!

Recognise the style? You might if you're a regular reader of Rookie! I was so excited to find out that many of the collages featured in this amazing publication were made in my very own backyard. Yay Minna! Yay Melbourne!

These last four pictures feature work from Georgina Glanville, who also makes some pretty neat mixed media collages as well. The exhibition runs until Friday the 24th, so if you're heading down Smith Street way, go check it out. The gallery is small, and well hidden, in fact it kinda looks like somebody's garage from the outside. But then I guess that's Collingwood for you.

I finished my date with a coffee at thousand pound bend, before heading off to meet a friend at the Suzuki Night Market. I highly reccomend taking the time to treat yourself to a little one on one with someone you might miss and often choose to neglect; yourself!! It could do you a world of good, and might even get those creative juices flowing again.

Where's your favourite place to go on a date with you? I'd love to know, maybe
I'll get there myself one day :)

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