Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bye Baby Bunting - DIY

The other day I decided to exercise my craft muscle, so here's a fun tutorial to make a bunting! I've used mine to spruce up my desk a little bit, but they're also good for walls, maket stalls, book cases and so on.

This is my craft box! It's a lot like Mary Poppin's carpet bag, except that it's mainly full of free postcards, buttons, and scraps of fabric. Oh, and glue! No lamps though.

So out of my craft box, I have these Fat Quarters! Fat quaters are always fun to use because it's a bit of a chance game as to whether you get good patterns or not. It also forces you to work a bit harder to turn ones you wouldn't normal go for into something pretty. That, and I'm always looking for ways to use up discarded fabric.

I used Pink and White Bunting Fabric Ribbon from Typo as the base, because I like the idea of the two tringle patterns mirroring each other. Double Bunting! It's almost as cool as a double rainbow.

Measure the ribbon into a denomination devisible by the width you want for the top of your flag template. For example, I meausred out 150cm of tape...

...and so I have made the width along the top of my flags will be 5cm long. I then measured 7cm down from the halfway point, and connected the two sides at the tip to make an icoseles triangle paper template. This makes for quite a small triangle, you can make the template larger for a sparser design (and you'll spend less time cutting out triangles too!).

Once you've made you're template, you can start cutting out your triangles! It's a good idea to lay them out along the ribbon before you glue them down, to check if the numbers are right, and that you like the colour scheme! If something isn't working for you, change it! Don't be afraid to be a bit of a perfectionist when crafting.

Having said that, I don't mind if things turn out a little off kilter when doing DIY. Sometimes happy accidents can make your project all the more unique and, well, you! 

 Once you've figured out your sequence, glue your flags down to the ribbon. You don't need fancy craft glue for this project; I used my trusty supermarket glue stick! I decided to glue my flags from behind the ribbon so that you could still see the bunting pattern, but gluing them on top works just as well. 

Tadah! You're brand new bunting is complete, and ready to be hung!

Happy crafting!

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