Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I'm so in love with this album I cannot even tell you how good it is. It will make that joy you're hiding swell within your chest and explode, even if you're in an awkward place like the supermarket or on a train, and if you really need to cry, it can help you with that too. Not since Little Earthquakes has an album spoken to me like this one. I could go on, but I will just say that Florence is a goddess and let you make your own decision about it.

I just found this written in the booklet, a forward by writer Emma Forrest.

"That their might be words to describe un-nameable feelings and melodies to describe those words is how an album can really make us feel less alone in the world. That longing for unnameable things is why we wear band t-shirts so we can recognise each other in the street"

"Your own love story? Your paramour may have had lovers before you. But no one has ever, ever heard this record before except you. Not the way you hear it. The songs are beautiful vampires, asleep in your iPod, coming alive at night, aglow. You can have them on your hours, all that power yours to conduct as Florence Welch used to try and conduct the ocean when she was an awkward chubby little girl
"I'll make a deal," she'd say to the waves, "You stay there. You don't come any closer."

That's it. That's exactly what I wanted to say, but couldn't cos she's clearly the superior wordsmith.

I also recommend you also get the deluxe edition, because not only do you get to read the rest of Emma's brilliant words, it comes with extra acoustic tracks that are just as lovely, and amazing photographs of Florence looking like a red haired Virginia Woolfe. Swoon

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